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We are pleased to provide the following information about NACO. Since 1996 the National Association of Caravan Owners has provided advice and support to owners of static holiday caravans across the UK. Membership to their organisation is a great way of ensuring you get the most from the holiday home ownership experience.

Membership to NACO has many benefits including peace of mind knowing that you have the support of a large organisation should you require it.

Some benefits of joining NACO:Member Advisory Service
Their advice team has vast experience of the industry spanning over 50 years. The most frequent enquiries involve questions about contractual changes at caravan parks. Working closely with their legal team and with guidance from the Office of Fair Trading, they offer support to a vulnerable consumer sector.Exclusive Caravan Insurance Rates
They have been providing a ‘members-only’ insurance policy for over 17 years now. They constantly monitor their policy and their rates to ensure that they are providing a suitable product for their members. Their insurance team is based in their offices in Essex with members all over the UK. In keeping with the UK General Insurance industry, they are now authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.Member Magazine
Their magazine, The Holiday Caravanner, is produced three times a year and is packed with industry information and advice for static holiday caravan owners. Circulation has grown to over 30,000 copies per issue. They report on situations affecting their members – usually developments at parks or by manufacturers.Member Only Section On-Line
In this section there are some articles listed ‘member only articles’, which can only be viewed my members logged in. Some of these include: Selling Your Caravan, Making a Small Claim, Taking care of your Caravan and Overhanging Branches. Plus advice leaflets and member documents are also available.
Join NACO for just £15 in the first year. Call 01255 820 321 and quote ‘ukcaravans4hire’
You can visit their website for more information ( but for the discount please telephone them.

A Word From Naco..
“For years we struggled with recognition. Park owners would suggest that we were operating ‘out of a back bedroom’ and that we were ‘cowboys’. These suggestions didn’t always have the adverse effect that you might expect. We found common ground with the people that needed our assistance and we quickly grew as an organisation. With the growth of our membership numbers, we began to establish recognition. This was from both national park operators and smaller park owners who could see the benefits of working with us, not against us.

Over the years we established good links with bodies like the OFT and Trading Standards, and this proved to be invaluable when dealing with unfair trading practices. Over the years the relationship with the OFT has become a two-way street. In 2005 when the OFT published their guidance on unfair terms, we were used as the only national conduit for the consumer leaflet: A fair pitch for your holiday caravan.

We have always maintained a very good working relationship with the manufacturers who provide customer support when it is needed. Caravan owners often hit a brick wall when faced with a holiday caravan after sales issue, and we have helped countless members reach an amicable solution to their problems by using our experience, knowledge and contacts within the industry.

In recent years, we have forged strong links with the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and Consumer Focus who regularly refer concerned caravan owners to us in order that we can assist them with their problem or issue. Our most recent development is a much stronger connection with the National Caravan Council who are clearly fixed on ensuring that the consumer, in this case the caravan owner, gets a fair deal from a fair operator. This is great for our membership and we continue to investigate ways in which our organisations can work together.

Finally, given the tough times that our industry is experiencing we are seeing a big increase in the number of park owners who are turning to us for assistance whilst encouraging their caravan owners to join us. This developing trend is one that we did not expect, but is not without good reason.

Whilst speaking with a member the other day, about a complex set of problems faced by caravan owners at the park, we were described as “the voice of reason”. This struck a chord with us, as throughout the many years that our association has supported caravan owners we have always strived to be reasonable. This means seeing both sides of the story and always being upfront and honest with our advice. Given our position in the industry nowadays, it’s clear that our efforts to assist static caravan owners and promote fairness and transparency have paid off.

Having gained recognition and developed a good reputation it’s important that our membership continues to grow and that people spread the word about NACO. If you’re a holiday caravan owner join NACO today – a warm welcome awaits.”

Join NACO today!

Become a NACO member and enjoy our great range of benefits from just £1 a month

Membership to NACO means that you’ll have access to all of our member benefits. Whether its our specially tailored static caravan insurance policy designed with our members in mind, or being able to pick up the phone and speak to a member of our Advice Team about any situation at your caravan or park.

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